NFT Artist DeeKay’s Twitter Hacked, Over $150K in NFTs Stolen

The renowned Korean NFT animator DeeKay Kwon has had their Twitter account hacked and became a victim of a phishing attack early Friday morning.

A hacker compromised the Korean animator and NFT creator DeeKay Kwon’s Twitter account to post a phishing link to a fake website.

The post asked Kwon’s followers signing transactions from a malicious smart contract by announcing he was launching a new, exclusive NFT collection.

The hacker included a link to a fake website miming DeeKay’s official frontend.

The phishing site instructed the victims to claim the malicious NFTs, but when the victims agreed to the claim, they inadvertently approved a transaction that granted the attacker access to their wallets.

From there, the attacker was able to steal valuable NFTs from the victims’ wallets.

Attacker got 65 NFTs from multiple victims before Kwon could retrieve his Twitter account and delete the malicious post.

The attacker seems to have been able to sell between $80,000 and $91,000 of NFTs and has transferred the ETH proceeds to another wallet. He still hold about 50 stolen NFTs worth around $52,000.

Be careful of phishing sites.

Crystal Panther
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