Investor seeks to deploy $75,000 robot dogs to retrieve $176 million in lost Bitcoin

James Howells, a man who had made headlines for inadvertently disposing of more than 8,000 Bitcoins on an old hard drive, now has a strategy to recover his discarded cryptocurrency.

In 2013, Howells ditched the hard drive that contained the Bitcoins. BTC ultimately found their way to local landfill in Newport, Wales.

Now Howells has made an $11 million business plan to recover the hard drive, the value of which stands at approximately $176 million.

Howells’s proposal includes funds for purchasing two robotic “Spot” dogs from Boston Dynamics, which went on sale in June 2020 for $74,500 for each unit.

Spot has been put to service doing scans for building projects, herding sheep, and patrolling parks in Singapore to ensure that social distance is maintained.

Crystal Panther
I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.