Hacker Steals $6M from Decentralized Platform Audius

A hacker stole around $6 million in digital assets from the treasury of decentralized streaming platform Audio last July 23.

The hacker modified the configuration of the smart contract and initialized a malicious management proposal.

According to the statement of project developers: the team of the project is aware of reports of an unauthorized transfer of AUDIO tokens from the community treasury.

The team is actively investigating and will report back as soon as it knows more.

According to CertiK, an unidentified person has modified the platform’s smart contract settings. It allowed him to assign “trustee” status to his address and change the voting period.

After that, the attacker has published a project management proposal that involved transferring 18 million AUDIO tokens to a third-party wallet and voted for it.

At the time of the attack, the market value of the stolen assets amounted to about $6 million.

Crystal Panther
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