APE up 30% After Featuring in Snoop Dogg & Eminem’s Epic Music Video

ApeCoin price rose more than 30% after hip-hop moguls Snoop Dogg and Eminem released a music video in which they appear to the audience as characters from the famous NFT collection “Bored Ape Yacht Club.”

In the music video for the song “From The D 2 The LBC,” the artists transformed into characters from one of the most popular NFT collections.

The graphics were created by 1st AMENDMENT and Young California, in collaboration with BAYC.

Both artists are well-known crypto enthusiasts. Eminem purchased NFT from the BAYC collection for $462,000.

Snoop Dogg in addition to his active participation in the play-to-earn project Sandbox, whose ambassador he is, announced the launch of NFT snack bar, which is also inspired by the collection of cartoon monkeys.

Crystal Panther
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